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Weekly outline

  • About ITI Palo Alto Cybersecurity

    The aim of this program which is a partnership between ITI and Palo Alto is to train 1,000 young trainers on the latest digital educational technologies in cybersecurity, through integrative learning tools. This partnership targets qualifying trainers to provide training content to young people under 14. This comes within the ITI strategy that focuses on designing training programs for different segments of society, implemented in collaboration with the best training private companies that specialize in qualifying technically skilled calibers, to meet the increased demand in Egypt and worldwide.

  • Curriculum

    This track is composed of 4 main courses from the Palo Alto portfolio as follows:
    1- Cybersecurity Foundation.
    2- Network Security Fundamentals.
    3- Security Operations Fundamentals.
    4- Cloud Security Fundamentals.

    • How to join

      - Click "Apply" button and then "enroll me" button.
      - Once You Enrolled , You will see Courses Links and Key for each course .