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Weekly outline

  • Launch a career in technology with AWS re/Start

    AWS re/Start is a free, full-time skills development program to jump-start your career working in cloud computing. A technology background is not required to apply and the program is focused on unemployed and underemployed individuals.
    AWS re/Start and the Information Technology Institute (ITI) have teamed up to offer this tuition free, “currently online” program in Egypt. Through scenario-based learning, hands-on labs, and coursework, learners gain the skills they need for an entry-level cloud role. In the program, you’ll also focus on professional skills such as adaptive communication, time management, resume building, and interviewing to prepare for employer meeting and interviews. You will learn cloud computing skills and prepare for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification with free access to practice and full exams. After you graduate, ITI will connect you with employers and help you move into your new working life.

  • How to join

    • Check your Eligibility:

      • Earned a bachelor degree (graduates of years 2017: 2021).

      • Graduate of Faculty of Engineering, Computers and Information, and Science (Computer Dept.).

      • Resident of Egypt.

      • You are available for 12 consecutive weeks (Full days; Sunday to Thursday 9 AM to 5:00 PM).

      • Access to a computer and a steady internet Connection.

    • New Application will Start on Nov-2023

      • You submit an application and we will contact you for the next step.

      • Assessments: Each training requires technical assessment. Your admissions specialist will provide more details during the admissions process.

      • Interview: Individuals who meet eligibility requirements will be invited to attend a technical and behavioral interview.

      • Invite email: The Admissions team will review assessment scores and interview results and send an invite email to eligible candidates.

    • Orientation

    • Class begins!

    • Prepare for interviews and employer meetings

    • Graduation

    • Advance your career!

    • What your journey to the cloud will look like:

      AWS re/Start is a full-time, skills development program that prepares individuals for an entry-level professional position in the cloud. Through real-world, scenario-based learning, hands-on labs, and coursework, learners gain the technical skills they need for junior cloud roles. AWS re/Start also focuses on building professional skills such as adaptive communication, time management, and collaboration. The program’s mission is to build a diverse pipeline of entry-level cloud talent.

      • What is cloud computing?

        Learn more in this video:

        • What skills will I learn?

          Through hands-on interactive sessions, you’ll learn technical, behavioral and mindset skills to prepare you to launch a career in the cloud.

          • Technical skills:

            • How cloud computing works.

            • AWS Cloud skills.

            • How to use different programing languages.

            • Build skills aligned with AWS Certification – you’ll prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification.

          • Behavior & Mindset skills :

            • Effective communication.

            • Problem solving.

            • Teamwork.

            • Time management.

          • Questions? Reach out!

            (+202) 353-55656
            28 Km by Cairo / Alexandria Desert Road, 6 October, B148, Egypt