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Weekly outline

  • About the Program

    VMware Learning provides training and certification programs to grow your skills and leverage opportunities available with VMware solutions. The offered material is just-in-time, mastery-level training focused on effective workflows, best-practices, and common configuration scenarios for IT professionals managing VMware environments

  • Job Profile Overview

    VMware administrators create, deploy, and maintain network and server infrastructure that relies on VMware products such as vSphere, vRealize, or vSAN. At the outset of a project, they collaborate with other specialists and engineers to create a suitable system design for clients, after which they install and set up both software and hardware components at client sites. Despite these resource-heavy tasks, VMware administrators spend much of their time on maintenance and troubleshooting to guarantee maximum performance. While they mostly work in front of a computer with occasional travel to client locations, they may remain on call during evenings or weekends to supply ongoing system support.