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About Begin

A digital platform for freelancers to help in creating opportunities for youth in the labor market. It further aims to enhance their digital skills so that they can pave the way for their future success and help them gain experience.
This digital platform will make it easy for all youth (women, undergrads, grads and disabilities) to get the chance to make money for living through using their skills and capabilities in the digital field to serve our registered clients on the platform

How it works

  • Register your account on Begin:

  • Make sure you have it verified through the verification email.

  • Start building your portfolio with your skills and sample of your work.

  • Begin searching for jobs in your field.

What Begin’s freelancer looks like

Reputation is essential to Begin, so we expect our registered freelancers to be:
  • Committed to the job and passionate doing it.

  • Accurate in delivering and adhering to timelines.

  • Putting customers first.

  • Having the will to grow.

  • To be perfect representatives to their own personal brand and Vodafone’s brand.